Made With Unity | Guide To Beautiful Games In Unity Part 4: URP — Import And Fixing Materials Pink Issue (Unity 2021 LTS)

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3 min readJul 12, 2022


Let us have our Sci-Fi / Control Room running in a URP project.

Universal Render Pipeline (URP)

Create a new Unity project using the same version when you made your scene prototype; this time you will choose 3D(URP), name your project ( mine is named BeautifulGamesInUnity_URP, and press Create project

Once done you will be greeted with a new empty project with the default view. If you have any preference Layout saved, choose the one you like and the one that works better with your workflow.

On your Project window, create a new folder and name it URP Default Settings and drag to the folder the URP files that come with the project.

Importing Our Scene

Using the Assets menu, we are going to Import a Custom Package; the package that we saved from the last article.

You will be prompt to see everything the package has, press Import and you will see your LevelDesignScene inside the Scenes folder on the Project window.

Fixing The BIG Pink Mess

You know URP is running on your project when you see your assets with a pink color material, especially if they are imported from another source😅.

The following steps to fix this are for Unity 2021 LTS forward

Go to Windows -> Rendering -> and select Render Pipeline Converter

In the following window, press on the drop-down box and select Built-in to URP

Scroll down, check mark Material Upgrade, press Initialize Converters and then press Convert Assets


🎮Part 5🎮



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