Made With Unity | Guide To Beautiful Games In Unity Part 5: URP-Skyboxes

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4 min readJul 18, 2022

In Unity, there are 4 types of Skyboxes. Before diving into a brief introduction of skyboxes we need to make some changes to our Lighting settings.

Using Unity 2021 LTS

Creating A New Lighting Settings Asset

Let’s go to Window->Rendering->Lighting and on the Scene tab press New Lighting Settings.

Named the newly created file as Lighting Settings

Still, on the Lighting windows make sure in the Lighting Settings Asset field is the Lighting Setting you just created. On Lightmapper select Progressive GPU (Preview) and have Auto Generate checked.

Create a folder named Materials, inside the Materials folder create another folder called Skyboxes.


Procedural Skybox

Create a new material and called it ProceduralSkybox. On the inspector window on the Shader field select Skybox->Procedural.

Go to the Environment tab on the Lighting window. On the Skybox Material field add the ProceduralSkybox material, and on the Sun Source field drag the Directional Light object on the Hierarchy.

If you play around with the ProceduralSkybox settings you can have different scenarios in your scene.

Sun Size
Sun Size Converge
Atmospheric Thickness

By changing the rotation of the Directional Light you can create Day, Night, Sundown, or Sunsets cycles.

6 Sided Skybox

For the 6-Sided Skybox create a new material and this time select 6-Sided as your Skybox

Add the new Skybox to the Skybox Material field, you will need 6 pieces of art that will be your Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward and Back.

Cubemap Skybox

A Cubemap uses One image that has 6 sides, similar to the 6 Sided Skybox

Find your one image with the 6-sides and turn the image type to Cube

Drag the image and add it to the Cubemap (HDR) field

Add the new Skybox to the Skybox Material field

Panoramic Skybox

Just as the name describes it you can use a panoramic image as a Skybox. Find a panoramic photo and add it to the Spherical (HDR) field; follow the same step to add your skybox to your Lighting settings.

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