Use Medium List To Optimize Your Articles

As developers we tend to use a word that in easy terms means “better”, “functional”, etc.; that word is Optimization. Optimization is the process, or methodology of making something as effective as possible; and this can apply to anything, even when creating articles right here on Medium.

When creating articles on Medium we are sharing what we have learned in a given field and we share them so others can learn, but sometimes our articles can look a bit cluttered as we create more and more articles.


The List section can be used to organize our article if they share the same theme or categories regardless of the date it was created.

The List can be shared, if it is Public, and only the articles inside that list are viewed, making sharing a specific theme easy to the eye. You can also add to your list article from other user that you follow or come across on the internet.


On my Medium stories I have two articles about how to create a 3rd Person Camera on mobile using Unity. The first article was created December 2 2021 and later the second part on April 4 2022; you notice that between that period of time another article was created that those not have the same concept.

So I create a List called “Unity Mobile”

Once the article are inside the List I can share the link and rearrange the article if I want to present them in a specific reading order.

Link to the Unity Mobile list:

The List link can also be use to put it on your LinkedIn FEATURED section.


You can find your List section in Medium home page or inside your profile section

Press on the New List button and give a name to your List and Description. Public list can be shared and been seen by your followers when they enter your profile

Once the List is created you can add the article of your choosing. Find the article and save it on the List.

Have fun on your articles.

To be continued 😎



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