Made With Unity | Guide To Beautiful Games In Unity Part 7: Altering Texture Maps With Procreate

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4 min readAug 4, 2022

Altering a texture map of an object to get a different look at your assets is very easy.

In the example below, when I started prototyping my Sci-Fi room, the walls, floor, and ceiling had a yellow look to them. By altering their material (Texture / PNG file) I choose a blue/black color and it looks so much better.

The following steps to alter the Texture Maps Material can be done using any photo editing software.

You can use Photoshop, GIMP, Procreate, etc.

Procreate will be the one that will be shown in this article. It has more steps but I feel more comfortable since I am not an expert on other photo editing software and I have better control with the tools when doing it on Procreate.

Altering Texture Maps Using Procreate

Locating The Textures / PNG file

Locate the material of the object you which to alter the texture, and locate the Base Map that the object has. Select the textures and right click on them and press Show in Explorer

Drag or upload the texture / PNG file to your Cloud Storage of your choosing.

Downloading It To Your iPad

Locate the file you just upload and save it to the Files folder of your iPad or as an Image.

Using the Files app, locate the textures / PNG image, touch the image, and press on the Sharing icon, select Procreate to export it to the app.

Bare with me😅, is a long process but it is fun.


Open procreate and find the file.

Once inside, play around with the Adjustments tool Hue, Saturation, Brightness, to get the desired color choice.

Once done, go to Actions and on Share select PNG, and Export it back to your cloud storage.

Back To Unity

Download the new texture/png file and place it in the same directory where the original was.

Locate the assets material, select Base Map and select or drag the new file you create and it will automatically make the change to all assets that share the same material.

I know is a long process but I like working with Procreate, is very friendly and easy to manage using a pen.

Maybe next time I will try using GIMP😆




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