Made With Unity | Guide To Beautiful Games In Unity Part 6: URP-Lights

An Introduction to the different types of light we can use on Unity

4 Different Types Of Lights

Directional Light

A light source that is infinite only moves parallel, and it shoots thru everything. It can behave like our Sun for our game

Point Light

A lightbulb that can cast light in whatever place you place it.


Similar to a Point Light but it only goes to 180 degrees in its surrounding.

Area Light

Area Light needs to be baked and in order to work the object, using the Are Light, needs to be Static.

Light Source Culling

What is culling?

Culling is when you tell something to ignore something else 😅; like telling your camera to ignore your head while in first-person mode, you can do the same with lighting.

As an example, I have a Point Light in the middle of the room that is emitting green light.

I don’t want my walls to be affected by the green light.

I find all the Game Object that makes my walls in the room and I applied a Layer called MainWalls.

I’ll select my Point Light and on the Inspector window, I’ll go to the Rendering section, where it says Culling Mask I’ll press and remove the check mark on the MainWalls

And just by doing that the walls will not be affected by the light

🎮PART 7🎮



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