Made With Unity | Guide To Beautiful Games In Unity Part 3: A Sci-fi Lab / Control Room

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4 min readJul 11, 2022


Showing my approach to making a Sci-fi Lab / Control Room using Filebase assets.

The Scene

My Scene from the images was made using Filebase assets, roughly I have used 22 assets in total.

The frame of the room was done entirely using the SCIFI DOOR SINGLE 03, SCIFI FLOORS 01–12, SCIFI WALLS 05–07, SCIF WALLS 08–10, and SCIFI COLUMNS 01–03.


You can tell I’m using the Floors asset to make two types of Wall structures and turn them into Prefabs. By making them Prefabs I can add small details to them and all the wall structures will be updated.

Floors And Ceiling

Since I’m using the same asset for both Walls and Floors I can make them have a similar design to make them “blend” or make the walls have a different style. The Ceiling was done using the same assets used for the Walls and Floors.

Structs / Columns And Front

Once the Front was more or less completed I added the Structs / Columns for the inside. Some of the Structs and Columns have a combination of Floor assets and Walls😅. For the entrance ceiling, I added a couple of guns just to keep my characters safe🤣


I added a couple of characters to my Scene to see how everything will look. The Terminals / Computers in the picture are big, by using a Character I can determine a “normal” size and shrink my Terminals / Computer as real size as possible.

What Is Next?

Next up will be to save the scene and export it as a Unity Package to later customize our room in our chosen pipeline.

Export Our Sci-Fi / Control Room

Go to your Project windows, right-click on your scene, “LevelDesignScene”, and press Export Package.

You will export EVERYTHING, make sure to press All and then Export. Save the Unity Package, mine is named ControlRoom_LevelDesignPrototype.

Now that we have the room, what pipeline we should choose?

Choose A Pipeline

URP allows you to deploy your projects on over 20 platforms, from VR and mobile devices to high-end consoles and desktop machines. Out of the box, URP provides three rendering paths to better support the variety of games you can develop with Unity.

You choose URP if you’re aiming at mobile, VR, or just to build a very simple 3D game and ignore baking, light mapping, global illumination, etc; your good to just use URP

HDRP provides advanced 3D real-time rendering technologies optimized for PC (Windows/Mac/Linux/VR) and high-end consoles (PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox One Series X and S).

If you want to have lots of shadows, lots of lighting, ambient occlusion, reflection, etc; you need to use HDRP

Next, we will work with our scene first using the URP and later HDRP

🎮PART 4🎮



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