Made With Unity | Guide To Beautiful Games In Unity Part 2: Shortcuts To Level Design

The following shortcuts / tips will help to have better control on any assets on your scene.

Even if I am using Filebase the following tips / shortcuts can be use with WHATEVER asset you have.

Will be using SCIFI FLOORS 1–12 to demonstrate the shortcuts and to create the base structure of our environment, a “Sci-Fi Lab Room”.

Unity Layout

When working on a environment I like to have just the Scene view as the bigger windows and next to it have the Hierarchy, the Project and the Inspector. I save this layout and name it Design


While making a floor for my “Sci-Fi Lab Room” I use the Orientation Y toggle to have my Scene to look from the top.


To repeat / duplicate a game object all you have to do is right click on the object, select Duplicate and move the newly create copy; or you can press CTRL + D on windows.

Tools Shortcuts

Tools Menu

On Unity 2021 LTS the tool is no longer permanent attach to a window / menu, you can move it around on the Scene and change is layout as you like.

Tools Keyboard Shortcut (WERT)

Press W to select the Move Tool (the blue, red and yellow arrows we see when we select a object to move it around on the scene)

Press E to select Rotate Tool

Press R for Scale Tool

Press T for Rect Tool

Press Y to get the Transform Tool ( a mix of the other tools combine)

Vertix Snapping

Assets that share the same shape can be snap to another asset using there vertices. Select the object and press V use your mouse to the vertices you want to use to snap it.

You can also select multiple object and use the vertices

First Person Look Around On The Scene

To navigate your scene in a more efficient way, hold the Right Mouse Button down until you see a “EYE” with 3 Square Keys next to it.

Holding the Right Mouse Button and moving your mouse you get a camera movement to look around your scene.

Holding the Right Mouse Button and pressing WASD you can move around the scene, like a first person game 🤣


When Rotating or / and Moving your object, your moving using float value; if you press CTRL you will rotate / move using quarterly values ( you can tell the difference when you see a arrow like circle on your rotation) and this will give you a more precis movement or rotation.

By selecting multiple object to rotate you can rotate the object as a single unit or individually by changing the rotation point (Pivot or Center).


Using the assets your already have your can mix them up and turning them into prefabs, making some unique combinations.

Using the same assets from Filebase I made some Wall for my environment. Both Wall are prefabs.


Make sure to have everything organize on the Hierarchy to be more appealing to the eye.

🎮PART 3🎮



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