Made With Unity | 2D Space Shooter Part 17: Hosting Games (PC And WebGL Version)

Lets find hosting sites to upload our games and shared them with our friends


Itch allows you to host both PC and WebGL building on to there site. Make a account and go directly into your Dashboard and press Create new project

You will need to enter the details of your game project, name, description, cover image, etc.

Kind of project is where you will tell itch what time of format is your game. Downloadable can be files to download, a APK file or a Zip file containing the Desktop / PC version of your game and HTML is for your WebGL game.


Select HTML and your Kind of project and go to your folder holding the WebGL demo, right click on the folder and select Add to archive to create a Zip file. If you don’t have a zip file program download WinRAR

Back on itch press Uploads file and select the WebGL zip file and check mark This file will be played in the browser

Play with the Embed options

You can Save it and even on Draft as selected you can view your page to see how it will look

Desktop / PC

Create a new project and fill out the information; for Kind of project select Downloadable

Find your PC demo build and turn it into a zip file

Upload the Zip file, select Executable and check mark Windows logo, if your build works on other Operating System select dose as well. Save it and view your page.


On Simmer is a lot easier but is only for WebGL builds. Go to the site, make a account and press on the logo with the arrow pointing up (upload).

To add your project you simple need to Drag and Drop your WebGL Build folder

Once is done uploading SAVE UPLOAD and edit the necessary information for the game.




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